Optimizing the building climate with "MeteoViva" 

Very first use in a shopping center - pilot project in "das Schloss" in Berlin

“MeteoViva” is a digital solution for active, sustainable energy management in buildings. The process records all factors relevant to the indoor climate, such as energy and performance prices, usage, weather, building physics and building technology, in a mathematical model and uses this to calculate the optimum control data. This means that only as much heat, cold and fresh air flows into the interior of the building as is required for the desired indoor climate. This improves the climate for building users, which also leads to fewer complaints. It is operated via a cockpit. The Smart Data solution is based on the building management system of the building. Operation is thus automated and the air conditioning systems in the building are monitored. The data that can be viewed creates transparency with regard to the building climate and energy consumption. The automated control system saves energy costs and CO2 emissions, which in turn reduces operating costs for the center’s tenants. 

VÖLKEL actively managed the implementation of MeteoViva as a pilot project in the “das Schloss” shopping center in Berlin Steglitz, which has been managed since 2018, and implemented it together with the PropTech provider in 2021. “das Schloss” was the first shopping center in which the solution was used. The implementation phase took over a year due to outdated technical systems in the building, which posed a challenge when setting up the smart data solution. 

Thanks to the intensive dialog between VÖLKEL and MeteoViva, additional investments by the owner and various fine adjustments at a technical level, energy savings of around 20% were achieved after a further year of operation compared to the reference year 2019, resulting in cost savings of almost €100,000. In addition, 17% of CO2 emissions were saved. 

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