Refurbishment of commercial real estate

Future viability through refurbishment: rethinking real estate

We have over 20 years of experience in the refurbishment of commercial and retail properties, particularly in the revitalization of shopping centres. This is where our extensive know-how and our expertise in project development, management, letting and sales of retail properties come together.
Regardless of the location, the same questions always arise. Is the space and utilization concept for your property still up to date? Have the competitive conditions in the area around your property changed? Do structural adjustments need to be made to optimize frequency flows? What uses are possible for the various floors? When is the right time to invest or sell the property? We look for and find a solution for your location and your property.
Refurbishment von Gewerbeimmobilien durch VÖLKEL Real Estate Hamburg
Mastering market changes: Long-term success for your real estate through sustainable concepts
We develop a comprehensive and resilient concept for the revitalization of your property, using it as a master plan to guide all further measures. Our in-house team implements the catalogue of measures agreed with you, ensuring an increase in your property's value - all from a single source.


  • Location and property check taking sustainability criteria into account
  • Analysis of potential to develop a strategic utilization concept
  • Required research activities
  • SWOT analysis (strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats)
  • Profitability calculations
  • Development of the asset strategy
  • Review of the property with regard to ESG criteria
  • Project management for concept implementation
  • Concept-oriented letting and identification of alternative utilization concepts
  • Implementation of a sustainable sector mix
  • Interim and long-term management of your property
  • Brokering of investors and project partners


  • Consideration of current location requirements of expanding chain stores in the retail, gastronomy, leisure and service sectors
  • Customized and location-based solutions – no “off-the-shelf” processing
  • An experienced team with a competent contact person assigned to you
  • Identification of opportunities off the beaten track
  • Synergies with all VÖLKEL service areas: letting, centre management, asset and property management and facility management
  • Full-service package from a single source
  • Many years of in-depth experience in the revitalization of shopping centres and commercial properties
Refurbishment von Gewerbeimmobilien durch VÖLKEL Real Estate Hamburg

Concept, management, technology, marketing, leasing and conversion services: refurbishment of your property from a single source

In order to meet the dynamic demands of the market, consumers and retailers and to remain attractive, commercial and retail properties must constantly innovate and adapt. Our interdisciplinary teams in the asset management, property management, leasing, technology and centre management sectors deliver effective and sustainable refurbishment solutions for all property classes.

With strategic foresight and creative adaptation, we optimize your properties, .responding to market changes and retail trends to create sustainable shopping, mixed-use and hybrid properties, thus creating value for the future.

We work closely with experienced architects and engineers from our network, focusing our attention not only on large-scale refurbishment projects, but also on smaller measures with a large impact, such as the redesign of communal areas, furniture and interior and exterior spaces.
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Refurbishment of real estate for long-term success 
"It is important to regularly check whether the focus of an asset is still correct. If this is not the case, repositioning usually always goes hand in hand with strategic investments in the structure. Selecting the right tenant mix and recognizing synergies is essential for the future success of a property. We rely on a strong network and only recommend what we believe in ourselves."
Nicolas Jöpen
Head of Leasing