Real estate services with vision

As one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany, we are looking to a future in which commercial and retail properties are not just functional structures, but places that inspire, connect and constantly evolve. Every property we manage reflects the pulse of the times and is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of every commercial property. With our extensive range of real estate services, we offer our clients throughout Germany comprehensive solutions - from the initial consultation through to implementation. 
As an experienced and forward-looking real estate service provider, we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead, adapting to ever-changing market conditions and helping our clients achieve their goals. Every property - whether retail, office, logistics or another asset class - has a unique history that we are happy to accompany and continue. 
How we work

Core values that we live by within the company and as a real estate service provider

VOELKEL Real Estate – This is us

Who we are and what makes us special

We are VÖLKEL - not just a company and real estate service provider, but a community that moves, shapes and constantly transforms itself. We pride ourselves on being versatile. Our open corporate culture, characterized by exceptional adaptability and openness to change, drives us forward and gives us the freedom to constantly reinvent ourselves.

We give room for new ideas and always have the ambition to pursue them. Our employees are our creative minds, their ideas are the driving force behind our innovation. Together, we scrutinize the status quo, look ahead and are always solution-oriented.
Honesty and trust are the pillars of our corporate culture. They promote cooperation and encourage us to be authentic. Diversification is more than just a buzzword for us - both in terms of our real estate services and our employees. We believe that a diverse workforce leads to better ideas and better performance.

Our pursuit of ESG-compliant corporate governance is an expression of the responsibility we feel towards society and the environment. We are committed to implementing the criteria for environmental compatibility, social responsibility and good corporate governance in our daily activities and as part of our real estate services.
Die Geschäftsführung von VÖLKEL Real Estate Hamburg

A brief look back at our company history

The company’s founders have their roots in management positions in the German retail trade and management consultancy for retail real estate go back to the 1990s. 

  • 2004: Foundation of "VÖLKEL Company Asset Management GmbH" by Dirk Völkel: Germany-wide management of commercial real estate of all asset classes with services in the areas of asset, property and facility management
  • 2006: Acquisition of full-service contracts for clients from Great Britain; the portfolio of managed properties increases to over 90 properties
  • 2008: Foundation of "hhpp" (Hamburg Property Projects GmbH) by Dirk Völkel and Rüdiger Hampe; expansion of the range of services to include consulting, leasing and transaction management
  • 2009: First consulting and leasing contracts in Switzerland for Dutch and Israeli clients
  • 2010: Foundation of "VÖLKEL Company Shopping Center Management GmbH" by Dirk Völkel with Mario Zanolli as the new Managing Director; addition and start of the targeted expansion of the Center Management division, initially with 3 centres
  • 2012: Acquisition of a full-service NPL portfolio with 47 properties and development of specialized services for this sector
  • 2014: hhpp changes its name to "VÖLKEL Company Real Estate Consulting GmbH", thereby strengthening the corporate brand
  • 2014: Acceptance of the first contracts in the field of technical property management and technical due diligence
  • 2016: Move to the new company headquarters at Ferdinandstrasse 3 in Hamburg
  • 2017: VÖLKEL manages more than 15 shopping centres
  • 2020: Andre Nagel becomes Managing Director for Technology, underlining the growing importance of this service for the market
  • 2020: VÖLKEL joins the ECORE initiative
  • 2021: VÖLKEL actively concludes more than 150 rental agreements for the managed portfolio
  • 2021: Foundation of the subsidiary in Romania to handle commercial services
  • 2021: VÖLKEL takes on first consulting mandates for the development of logistics locations on the German North Sea coast
  • 2021: Acceptance of first consulting assignments in the area of ESG
  • 2022: Merger of the various companies to form "VÖLKEL Real Estate"
  • 2022: VÖLKEL launches activities to develop sites for hydrogen-based energy production together with other specialized partners

Innovation is the key to success

Company transformation and further development of our real estate services through internal impulses.

In 2020, we set up our “Innovation Team”, that meets regularly to discuss future-oriented corporate issues. Selected young talents from various departments make up the independent team, that has a say on strategic issues and acts as a driving force.
The interdisciplinary committee networks with corporate management and strives for transparency within the company in order to give young employees a voice and present the views of the next generation. Using specially developed formats, the team of several people ensures that in-house potential and opportunities are identified and actively promotes optimization and further development in all areas.
VÖLKEL Real Estate – Das sind wir