Sustainable real estate management through ESG strategies and digitalization

Sustainability strategies in real estate management for environmentally friendly commercial properties

At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the topic of “Environmental Social Governance” - ESG for short - is also being discussed intensively in the real estate industry and is having an increasing influence on the ongoing operation and valuation of properties. We have recognized that sustainability is not only an ethical obligation, but above all offers the opportunity to minimize risks and maximize long-term returns through sustainable property management.
We use our expertise to identify potential for sustainability improvements and support the integration of ESG criteria into real estate strategies. As a sustainable real estate service provider, our aim is to ensure efficient, economical and environmentally friendly building management that also takes social and governance aspects (ESG) into account. We have developed an ESG Code of Conduct for our collaboration with third-party service providers, to which we and our partners are committed.
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As your sustainable real estate service provider, we leverage the potential of your properties 

Our sustainable real estate management services cover a wide range of aspects, including energy efficiency, water management, waste management and more. By optimizing these aspects, we can minimize the environmental impact of your property while reducing operating costs and increasing its value.

We have developed a due diligence process for our clients and their existing properties - whether commercial, office or mixed-use - in which the building construction and technology (including heating, air conditioning, ventilation) and their parameters are thoroughly examined and an assessment of the primary energy requirement and the use of renewable energies is carried out.
In addition to this, within the scope of the due diligence process, the property is also checked for pollutants (including contaminated sites, chemical weapons, etc.) and hazardous materials in and around the property. Climate events and their risks are also examined and evaluated. The aim is to leverage and optimize the properties’ potential and develop a sustainable strategy with a 10-year budget plan.


  • Careful inventory of the properties’ situation, taking ESG criteria into account 
  • Development of an ESG strategy with action planning 
  • Implementation of energy audits 
  • Implementation of energy management systems 
  • Optimization of heating, cooling and lighting systems 
  • Examination of the use of renewable energy sources 
  • Review and implementation of water efficiency measures, such as rainwater harvesting, optimized irrigation systems or water-saving sanitary facilities 
  • Development and implementation of strategies for waste prevention, separation and recycling 
  • Review and implementation of greening measures, e.g. roof and façade greening and creation of green spaces to improve the microclimate 
  • Implementation of sustainable maintenance practices 
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Digital transformation for future-proof and sustainable building management

For real estate owners and investors, the question is not if, but when and how digital transformation initiatives can be implemented. With interdisciplinary teams of experts and a strong network in the PropTech sector, we provide you with support in various digitalization projects to prepare your commercial real estate for the future.

Setting up a comprehensive digital infrastructure is often a major challenge, particularly in the utilization phase of existing properties. By working closely with you and taking a holistic approach, we provide targeted support in the implementation of digitalization strategies at property level - and proactively contribute our own ideas.

From the implementation of intelligent building automation systems to the use of artificial intelligence for efficient energy management, we identify potential and continuously monitor market developments.
Sustainability in the project
"We firmly believe that sustainability is a decisive factor for the long-term success of real estate investments. For this reason, we integrate sustainable practices into all our services and pursue an ESG-oriented strategy."
Andre Nagel
Managing Director