Sustainability for our future - optimizing the waste system in a retail park

VÖLKEL successfully implements sustainability concept at Kauf Park Göttingen with strong partners from the region  

One of the most important tasks in a shopping center is to optimize costs. However, this is done with a view to preserving value and sustainability.

Since the handover of Kauf Park in Göttingen in 2020, the center management has been able to enter into successful partnerships with committed companies from the region and implement joint measures.

The professional disposal of the waste produced is not only carried out by local service providers working in partnership, with whom VÖLKEL is in constant dialog.

The following key points should be mentioned:

  • Introduction of the first transponder-controlled waste scale with press function for commercial municipal waste in Göttingen. This will reduce the number of container collections by a factor of 5-6. This leads to noticeably fewer disposal trips, which protects the environment. Residual waste is charged to tenants based on the source – those who separate waste correctly now save costs and also act in accordance with the Commercial Waste Ordinance. 
  • Establishing a clear waste separation system and offering 10 collection systems for different fractions: Organic waste, colored glass, GRS barrels for batteries, metal and electrical appliance separation, paper/cardboard, wood containers, mixed packaging, municipal waste, foil bags for polystyrene and packaging materials, hazardous waste

Invoicing according to originator

The tenants’ municipal waste is weighed using the new waste scales. On the one hand, this leads to an absolutely fair distribution of costs for all tenants, but it also leads to a better understanding of how to separate the other groups.

Training, information folders and color coding system

All tenants have been trained on the necessity and importance of waste separation, have introduced appropriate separation systems themselves and have received an information folder on all fractions. Furthermore, all waste containers were color-coded and labeled.

Successful cost reduction as a result

After a longer period of implementation and use of the optimized disposal concept and professional waste disposal, a cost reduction of approx. 20% was achieved for the entire property. Waste separation therefore not only has a sustainability effect, but also leads to lower costs.

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