Restructuring of the Alleen Center Trier 

Aldi and Rossmann as new anchor tenants - successful support and implementation by VÖLKEL  

Modern, contemporary and lively 

A good 20 years after opening, the Alleen Center Trier appears fresher and livelier than ever, having undergone an extensive refurbishment from 2018 to 2021, both inside and out. With the detailed concept planning of a creative studio as a partner and intensive coordination with the owner, it was possible to create an appealing, modern, contemporary and lively center design that is very well received by customers. 

Nature themes, trees and foliage as graphics for walls and glass give the center interior a fresh look. Column cladding and wall panels in a heavily grained wood look create a high-quality impression, while bright green tones provide a cheerful, young ambience and give the center its new identity. The typography, lines and color of the logo were also revised and transferred into a contemporary style language. On the outside, a new coat of white paint and foiled metal cladding on the front and rear of the two main entrances on the first floor give the center shell a new shine.  

The Alleen Center in Trier was built in 2001 and designed as an inner-city mixed-use center. It is characterized on the one hand by two specialist market-oriented retail levels and on the other by the varied leisure, service, office and medical care areas above. The property is centrally located at Trier main station and is easily accessible by public transport, private car and on foot.

In order to take account of changing consumer behavior, the sector and tenant mix of the Alleen Center’s retail mix was adjusted in parallel to the refurbishment of the interior and exterior appearance by VÖLKEL and clearly focused on strengthening short-term demand.

Aldi and Rossmann complete the tenant mix 

On the ground floor, two additional anchor tenants, ALDI and Rossmann, will optimally complement the tenant mix and further increase the already strong periodic footfall. The rental spaces of the two high-performance stores are located next to each other and have optimal logistical connections. This will make local shopping even more versatile and offer customers a broader and deeper range of products and thus a greater shopping experience. 

Rüdiger Hampe, Managing Director of VÖLKEL Real Estate, is satisfied with the conversion and realignment: “We were able to make good use of the opportunities arising from the insolvency of a major textile tenant for the center and further improve the tenant mix with Kaufland, Media-Markt, New Yorker, Deichmann, Takko and other strong operators by adding Aldi and Rossmann. 

While the Allen Center Trier used to be overshadowed by the main station, it will be shown in a new light once the revitalization is complete. The property’s good performance will be strengthened and secured in the long term by the two new tenants. A real success and a good example of successful restructuring”. 

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