Project management & technical due diligence

Technical project management for your real estate projects

For projects involving maintenance, refurbishment, modernization, conversion and expansion measures that become necessary during the life cycle of a property or real estate portfolio, it is just as important to clearly define the project objectives as it is to implement them on budget. We understand project management primarily as the detailed coordination of all processes that a company faces during a project, working with and in the interests of the investors.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer our clients comprehensive advice, management and coordination in all phases of the project within the scope of technical project management in the real estate sector.
From definition, planning and control to achieving the desired goals. Our experts manage projects in such a way that a transparent, systematic approach is possible and the planning and monitoring of individual processes becomes clearer and simpler.

With our comprehensive expertise in all phases of the real estate cycle, we provide commercial and technical support for your projects - from the initial idea to completion.


  • Definition of the project parameters: clarification of project objectives, determination of the budget and schedule, and definition of quality requirements
  • Planning management: monitoring and coordination of the activities of the various parties involved in planning, including architects, engineers and other specialist planners
  • Construction cost management: ongoing monitoring and control of construction costs in order to adhere to the set budget
  • Schedule management: monitoring of the construction process and management of deadlines to ensure that the planned completion date is met
  • Quality management: ensuring of the expected quality through regular inspections and approvals
  • Management of contracts and contract supplements: management of contracts with the companies involved and handling of supplements
  • Project completion: Participation in the organizational and administrative structuring and implementation of the handover/takeover or commissioning/use.
Projektmanagement & Technical Due Diligence von VÖLKEL Real Estate Hamburg

Technical Due Diligence (TDD) for real estate: Precise analysis for your transaction

Sound and reliable knowledge of the property or portfolio is becoming increasingly important for a successful transaction. The inspection and documentation of the property’s structural and technical condition and its technical building equipment is therefore a key component of the transaction process.

We offer you comprehensive advice and useful expertise within the scope of technical due diligence (TDD).
Our teams of experts examine all technically relevant information and documents, from building and construction planning law-related approval documents to fire protection, maintenance and inspection records, energy certificates and current legal requirements, whereby all significant opportunities, risks, deal-breakers and possible value enhancement potential are identified, recorded and evaluated.

Every technical due diligence assessment also includes an inspection of the property, during which we identify any maintenance requirements and defects on site and highlight repair measures.


  • Building inspection: carrying out of a comprehensive technical inspection of the property, including assessment of the condition of the building envelope, technical systems and interior fittings
  • Checking the documentation: review of all available documents, such as construction plans, maintenance contracts, energy certificates, fire protection concepts and other relevant documents
  • Assessment of maintenance and refurbishment costs: estimation of future costs for maintenance and possible refurbishment measures based on the condition assessment
  • Risk assessment: identification and assessment of potential risks associated with the property, such as required modernization, refurbishment or legal risks
  • Reporting: preparation of a comprehensive report summarizing all the findings of the technical due diligence for a property, as well as presentation and discussion of the findings with the client


  • Personal contact person assigned to the project
  • Service packages individually tailored to your needs 
  • Permanent quality, cost and deadline controlling 
  • Clearly structured reporting with concise summaries 
  • Review and evaluation of all technically relevant information and documents, in particular the approval documents 
  • Assessment of the building structure, opportunities, risks and deal breakers 
  • Assessment of the property according to building parts and utilization units 
  • Documentation and assessment of defects incl. an assessment of the upcoming maintenance and repair costs 
  • Photo documentation incl. assessment of the overall condition 
  • Summary of the key review findings with recommendations for action and decisions 
Projektsteuerung Technical Due Diligence bei VÖLKEL Real Estate Hamburg
"Our maxim is the professional analysis, consideration, further development and support of buildings and technical systems throughout the life cycle of a property. Thanks to our many years of experience in the areas of maintenance, refurbishment, modernization, conversion and expansion measures, as well as TDD and monitoring tasks, we can offer our clients comprehensive advice, guidance and coordination in all service phases as part of the technical support of real estate and project management."
Andre Nagel
Managing Director