2. April 2024

VÖLKEL welcomes CAMP DAVID and SOCCX to market Oberfranken in Hallstadt

Opening was celebrated after a record conversion time of 2 weeks

The Clinton wholesale company is once again coming to market Oberfranken with its two concepts CAMP DAVID and SOCCX. After the former franchisee left the location for personal reasons in February 2022, VÖLKEL Real Estate has now succeeded in providing a space in the Upper Franconia market for CAMP DAVID and SOCCX. With its fashion lines CAMP DAVID, which combines high-quality menswear collections with an authentic lifestyle, and the associated SOCCX – The Womans’s Brand, which stands for high-quality, colorful women’s fashion, Clinton enriches the sector mix in the Upper Franconia market. “We are delighted to be represented in the Hallstadt/Bamberg region again with our own store,” says Managing Director Mathias Voigt. Center manager Martina Schmitt is also proud that Clinton has been so persistent in its commitment to the location and that VÖLKEL has been able to bring labels such as Dieter Bohlen and Carina to Hallstadt. In a record conversion time of two weeks, Clinton expanded the space so that the opening could be celebrated before the Easter holidays.