20. October 2022

Kauf Park Göttingen wins prize in Lower Saxony state competition

Kauf Park Göttingen was one of 12 winners of the Lower Saxony state competition “Gemeinsam aktiv – Handel(n) vor Ort”. The competition is a joint project of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHKN), the Lower Saxony-Bremen Trade Association (HNB), the Weser Ems Cooperative Association (GVWE) and Nordenham Marketing und Touristik e. V. (NMT).

Kauf Park Göttingen developed and implemented a package of measures with four components to ensure customer safety and maintain visitor frequency, sales and tenant numbers during the coronavirus pandemic. The focus was on the combination of digital and analog campaigns. These included the free creation of image videos for retailers, the development of an online voucher platform under the hashtag “Dein Göttingen”, a digital visitor traffic light to help equalize shopping, as well as testing and vaccination offers in the shopping center. All measures were advertised via the existing channels (analog and digital).

The package of measures has made it possible to welcome an average of 10,000 visitors (only -3% compared to pre-corona) to Kauf Park Göttingen even during the corona pandemic, to keep tenant sales declines moderate and thus to avoid vacancies almost completely (less than 1%). In addition, new marketing and sales channels were opened up to retailers and customer loyalty was strengthened.

Kauf Park Göttingen has now been recognized for this success in the Lower Saxony state competition “Gemeinsam aktiv – Handel(n) vor Ort”. Kauf Park Göttingen donated the prize money of €3,000 to the regional children’s hospice “Sternenlichter” in Göttingen.

Kauf Park Göttingen has been managed by VÖLKEL Real Estate GmbH as a full-service provider since 2019. In addition to operational property management, the VÖLKEL Group offers a wide range of other services relating to the life cycle of a property.