12. January 2024

Four large-scale letting successes in 2023 on Schloßstraße in Berlin-Steglitz

In the “das Schloss” shopping center, the successful cooperation between VÖLKEL Real Estate, Deka Immobilien and CBRE resulted in the signing of strong and strategically important deals at the location.

Thanks to close cooperation between VÖLKEL, Deka Immobilien and CBRE, it has been possible to extend the leases with the anchor tenants REWE, H&M, Ansons and dm Drogeriemarkt in the “das Schloss” inner-city shopping center in Berlin Steglitz, which has already been managed for many years. This milestone confirms the enduring appeal and strategic importance of the location on Schlossstrasse.

These major tenants have decided to continue their commitment to the location for many more years, which clearly demonstrates their satisfaction and confidence in the potential of the shopping center. These extensions are a strong commitment to the location and its future.

REWE has not only extended the lease on a long-term basis, but has also converted and extended its entire rental space. With over 2,000m2 of rental space each, H&M and Ansons are among the largest stores in the castle and underline the textile competence of this location for the future. The dm drugstore complements the shopping offer in the local supply area in the basement of the center.

“das Schloss” is characterized by its special architecture and the pleasant feel-good atmosphere in the mall. With over 80 stores spread over three floors, it offers a varied shopping experience and attracts visitors from all over the region and city. These latest developments strengthen the center’s position as a popular shopping destination in Steglitz and the surrounding area.