4. March 2024

Expansion and reopening of the NEW YORKER store in the KEC Marktredwitz

The development of the center location in Marktredwitz in Upper Franconia is progressing steadily. Together with NEW YORKER, VÖLKEL Real Estate and Berlinovo have agreed on an addendum to the long-term contract extension, including an increase and adjustment of the rental space.

The entire area was redesigned within a month. Thanks to the expansion, NEW YORKER has had a new look since its opening on 29.02. now has almost double the rental space and has thus become one of the top 3 largest retail tenants in the location. The conversion measures can already be considered a complete success.

“The expansion particularly affects previously unused areas at the rear of the center, which is why the space has gained a lot of depth. The technical installations have also been brought up to date, increasing energy efficiency and improving the lighting and air conditioning at the same time,” says Center Manager Nico Helmedach