10. October 2023

375 YEARS OF WESTERN PEACE – Sporting achievements for a good cause

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, the “Kamp-Promenade” in Osnabrück, managed by VÖLKEL, invited all children in the city to support a fundraising campaign for the benefit of Westphalian peace aid on the occasion of the anniversary of “375 years of Westphalian peace”. A small activity course was set up in the Kamp Promenade. The Kamp-Promenade rewarded the sporting achievements of all visitors with a donation of 375 cents each for one minute of rope jumping or one freehand jump over the entire length of our slack line. All parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives were also invited to take part as sponsors, and a donation box was provided by Terre des Homes.

In total, the KAMP-PROMENADE advertising association was able to hand over over 1,000 euros to Westphalian Peace Aid.

Westfälische Friedenshilfe supports aid projects worldwide for children in war and crisis regions, as well as for refugee children in the Osnabrück region. The Kamp-Promenade has been a member of Westphalian Peace Aid since October 2023.